Cool the Earth Program Evaluation by Stanford

Cool the Earth Program Evaluation

Conducted by: Dr. June Flora, Sr. Research Scientist & ARPAe Project Coordinator, Stanford University

The primary research question driving this evaluation was whether participation in the CTE program is associated with developing and maintaining environmentally friendly behaviors for the entire family.

Three phase evaluation: Formative, Process and Outcome

Major findings

  • Children and parents took new energy-saving actions
  • Children monitor and engage in family actions
  • Climate change salient to children and increase parent child discussion
  • Parents enthusiastic about program and its goals.
  • Use of the CTE coupon book is largely a mother-child activity.
  • Program gave parents and children a “language” around which to discuss global warming
  • Children discuss with relatives, note actions at friend’s houses
  • Schools embellish program – Green teams, teacher engagement etc.

Parents/families try new actions as result of program

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