Meet Eco Racecar Drive at Dinner Benefit

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Tickets available. Climate Change orgs join forces to honor Leilani Munter and other eco-activists supporting Kid-friendly climate education

While California is known for its early adoption of eco-friendly practices, here’s proof that that the serious threat of climate change is being felt across the country. In an unprecedented collaboration, the West meets the Southeast in Marin County California for a joint fundraiser September 19th, benefiting two organizations that support reaching and educating kids about climate change.

Non-profit Cool the Earth—based in Marin—joins up with Atlanta based Captain Planet, a non-profit headed by Laura Turner Seydel for a lively evening in the LEED certified Kentfield, CA home of film producer Kiki Goshay.

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Cullen writes Op-Ed in Marin I.J.

The pope elevates climate to a moral issue.

Although I decided to leave the church during my years at a Catholic university, I developed a deep respect for the Jesuit order.

On Thursday Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, released his first major encyclical and the teaching focuses on anthropogenic climate change.

While broad in its scope, the major talking point is that climate change is a moral issue.

My respect for the Jesuits is reaffirmed.

In emphasizing that climate change is a moral issue, the spiritual and moral leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide is elevating the issue from its environmental and scientific confines to where it belongs, in the realm of human morality.

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Free Mobile App Helps Kids Fight Climate Change

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Nonprofit Cool the Earth releases the environmental app for Earth Day.

The iPad screen shows a polar bear pacing on a shrinking iceberg, but the kids aren’t watching another depressing documentary. They’re playing the free mobile game just released by the nonprofit Cool the Earth. And the bear isn’t just any endangered species but Koda, a loveable furball that kids can feed, bathe, and even accessorize with eclectic gear like a Mohawk hairdo or coconut bra.

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Time Warner Cable features Koda Quest

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Time Warner Cable News highlights the coolest and newest apps for your cell phone or mobile device in the twice-weekly segment “App Wrap.” Time Warner Cable News’ Adam Balkin filed the following report.

Koda Quest

Koda Quest is a game designed to get kids in on greening their routine. Koda is a polar bear floating out on his little island of ice. Your job is to feed him, play with him, clean him – all the things you’d do with a real pet. Only, to earn money for food and toys, the child has to take real world actions, like “go recycle something.” The game then explains why each action is important and then it is up to the child to not only take the action but also bring the device to an adult who can verify they have done it, so the player can get their points. Another way to accrue money: mini-games, like swiping away evil carbon clouds or fishing garbage out of the ocean. Developers say they are hoping that just like Smokey the Bear helped kids remember to prevent forest fires, Koda will help remind them to be environmentally conscious. Koda Quest is a free app for iOS and Android devices.

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Geeks with Juniors Reviews Koda Quest

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Many parents I know have expressed their concerns about letting their kids spend too much time playing apps and games on the iPad. One way to solve this problem is by limiting their screen time. But, I’m sure many parents would love to learn if someone came up with a good (and innovative) solution for this.

Fortunately, Fingerprint Network recently released an app called Koda Quest. Starring Koda the Polar Bear, kids are given real world missions to save energy and recycle their trash in order to save Koda’s icy home that is melting from the global warming.


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